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    2. Hotline:
      Japan is vigorously developing smart grid batteries play a big role

      Smart grid development already to become the world's hot topic, Japan is one of the few one of the advanced countries, a lot of experience is worth learning and reference.
      Smart grid is one of the advanced technology and effective use of solar power and other green energy. Solar energy with fossil fuels, inexhaustible, be inexhaustible, one hour exposure to earth's sunlight into electricity, enough for the whole world consumption a year, at the same time, solar power generation does not emit carbon dioxide gas warming of the earth, is the best choice for human. A Japanese energy shortage, in addition to nuclear power, and energy self-sufficiency rate is only 4%, oil dependence to 50%; on the other hand, because the "Kyoto Protocol" come into effect from 2005, compared with 1990, Japan from 2008 to 2012, greenhouse gases such as CO2 emissions have the obligation to reduce 6%, these objective factors forced Japan to explore smart grid potential.
      The Japanese national conditions, the protagonist of the smart grid by the battery act, because in this field, Japan's leading technology in the world.
      Lithium ion battery is a rechargeable battery electrode materials of lithium, lithium ion battery is lead-acid battery 3 to 4 times, with two times of nickel-hydrogen battery hybrid car, Asahi Kasei Corporation in 1985 successfully developed the lithium ion battery in the world, in 1991 the Sony Corp as the product of the lithium ion battery market. Therefore, the lithium ion battery was the Japanese media called "was born in Japan battery". In 2008, the Japanese enterprises in the world market share of more than 60%.
      However, lithium ion battery storage capacity is too small to use, used for carrying device, mobile phone, notebook computer, but the battery for solar power generation is still far from enough. According to introduction, domestic battery capacity of about 5 kwh, equivalent to 1700 times the mobile phone lithium ion battery.
      In the research and development of Japanese large lithium ion batteries are wildly beating gongs and drums to. Mitsubishi Motor Company is the diameter of 1.8 cm, 6.5 cm high cylindrical lithium ion battery are connected together, at the same time, storage, has been successfully tested in March, launched a small combined battery consists of 312 lithium ion battery, battery capacity of 1.6 kwh, for the price of 200000 yen. The small-sized combined battery developed further connected battery, can become larger, the use of solar power in the parking lot, convenience stores can be used, can charge for electric vehicles, electric motor, but also can be used for night illumination. Similarly, more connected large battery, can prepare a "huge" battery. This autumn, Mitsubishi Motor Company is located in Hyogo Prefecture, the plant plans to 290000 notebook computer connected with a lithium ion battery, battery capacity of 1500 kwh, the plant is provided with a power of 1000 kwh for solar panels, solar energy can be stored. At present, more and more companies to develop a large-scale battery, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. and Kyushu Electric Power Company of the 448 combined accumulator connected successfully storage capacity for large battery 132 kwh.

      Nomura Securities Institute of finance of the relevant statistical data shows, and Research on smart grid investments to 2030 a total of $1251000000000, which used for battery development costs accounted for 60%. Japan's investment in this area to the total will reach 5 trillion yen in 2020. Remarkable battery to the smart grid.
      The smart grid needs to various devices connected together, therefore needs to be unified specifications, at present the United States government Obama foster emerging industries vigorously support the development of smart grid, the United States of America international standard technology is the technology into the international standard, against Europe and are making different international standard. Japan wants to take the lift to the United States, battery's control system, power transmission and distribution equipment and technology into the international standard, and actively cooperate with the United States for smart grid test. At present, the most important cooperation has two, one is the United States and the United States of America in Okinawa County, Hawaii Prefecture, the test grid intelligent cooperation. Another is the 30 Large Firm of Japan the new energy and industrial technology development organization and Japan and the United States of New Mexico, mutual cooperation, next autumn, empirical experiments on smart grid in the United States, the United States of America experiment site is the largest cutting-edge technology research institute of the Losa Ramos and the state city Alpaca odd, mainly carries on the test for family the use of smart grid, residential construction focus on advanced technology. Japan in addition to comprehensive industrial technology research new energy to participate in outside, and Toshiba, Hitachi, Shimizu Construction Co, the United States of America attended the Los Alamos National Laboratory by Moss, a common experiment.
      Japan in 2030 all the popularity of smart grid. At the same time, the Japanese government and the people one pushing in the smart grid construction overseas, environmental energy is the key emerging industries has just introduced this month Japan's new growth strategy, plans to 2020 hit more than 50 trillion yen market, increase the employment of 1400000 people. The smart grid is an important ring.
      It is worth mentioning that, Japan appeared great importance to cooperation with China in smart grid, Hitachi company in May decided to experiment of smart grid and China cooperation in China Tianjin eco city. In April this year held in the middle of Northeast Asian celebrities meeting in Nara, Japan and South Korea on behalf of the heated discussion on cooperation in the next generation in the grid environment and energy group meeting, the Itochu Corp of consultant who attended the meeting, including the United States of America is called Tanba Yuichiro Zhi can cooperate grid development, now Tanba Yuichiro was appointed as the Japanese ambassador to China, believe he will in this regard, play a certain role in promoting.


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